The dude who brought ice cream stuffed donuts to Orange County is working on a new restaurant concept


There’s no stopping Andy Nguyen.

The Fountain Valley resident is one of the masterminds behind OC’s most popular dessert joint, Afters Ice Cream. He has a clothing line, IMKING. He’s a motivational speaker through his Passion Chasers project. He became a part owner in GD Bro Burger. He also just opened Nudo Nudo in Little Saigon, which serves Asian noodle soups in a clean, modern environment.

And in a recent Los Angeles Times feature about Nudo Nudo, Nguyen revealed to Brittany Woolsey that he’s working on yet another restaurant concept.

[Nguyen] is planning to open U Jelly, a doughnut place — which will also serve sweet jelly drinks and a confection in the style of the Vietnamese sandwich bánh mì — in Fountain Valley by the end of the year.

“A lot of opportunities are coming around after the first year of Afters,” he said. “I felt that I could handle all these businesses and wanted to make sure I leave an imprint on Orange County by developing other products and foods.”

Nguyen, who hopes one day to have a plaza filled with his restaurants, said he is busier than ever, but it’s worth it.

There’s no word whether Nguyen’s partner in Afters, Scott Nghiem, is involved in the U Jelly project.

Nguyen told the Times that U Jelly will be open by the end of the year. But if it’s like any of his previous ventures, you’ll know it’s around when your Instagram feed becomes filled with Valencia-filtered pictures of jelly donuts.

Originally posted 2016-04-12 21:52:35.

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