Here are a few Trader Joe’s items you might want to pick up on your next trip. 

Trader Joe’s is one of the best things to ever happen for grocery shoppers. No matter what product you try, it’s guaranteed to be delicious!

1. Spinach and Kale Greek Yogurt Dip

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This zesty, low-calorie dip is perfect for parties and guilt-free snacking. The Greek Yogurt substitute for sour cream reduces calories, but increases taste.

2. Sweet Onion and Bacon Vinaigrette

onionSource: Trader Joe's

This new product was featured in Trader Joe’s ‘Dig In’ section last month. The store recommends using in to add a bold, smoky flavor to spinach salads.

3. Chocolate Orange Sticks

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These sweet treats made Foodbeast’s most popular list, and it’s not hard to imagine why! I personally favor the chocolate raspberry sticks, but orange sounds amazing as well!

4. Sriracha Potato Chips

chipsSource: Trader Joe's

Another new product from Trader Joe’s, these fiery and sweet chips sound unreal! They say you can dip them in TJ’s Chunky Blue Cheese Dressing/Dip, which sounds like heaven!

5.  Charles Shaw Wine

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Known as “Two Buck Chuck,” Charles Shaw wine is worth the hype. Seriously, if you haven’t tried this wine, you should! It’s perfect to pair with a quick weekday dinner.

6. Fresh Salads

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Trader Joe’s has a case dedicated to pre-made food, including some of the best salads you’ll ever have. Not only are they healthy, but they’re filling and super tasty! I recommend this super spinach salad that is full of amazingness.

7. Cocoa Almond Spread and Almond Butter

56995-creamy-raw-almond-butterSource: Trader Joe's

Every list of popular TJ products claims the jarred spreads are the bee’s knees. Namely, the cocoa almond spread and the almond butter. They’re great for spreading on your morning toast.

8. Mac and Cheese

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Hopefully, you’re aware that Trader Joe’s frozen food section is packed with some of the best entrees and treats you can find. Customers are big fans of the mac and cheese, and I bet it’s pretty good!

9. Fresh Ravioli

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Now, this is another one of my personal favorites. The store has an amazing selection of fresh ravioli that can be tossed with your favorite sauce, or with herbs and olive oil. I recommend the butternut squash ravioli with olive oil and parmesan.

10. Speculoos Cookie Butter

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You can spread this treat on bagels, toast, pancakes and waffles. I think Trader Joe’s describes this product best: “Speculoos cookies are classic Belgian cookies with great crunch, and a slightly caramelized, almost-but-not-quite-gingerbread flavor.” Yes, please!

What are some of your favorite Trader Joe’s products?

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Originally posted 2016-04-12 22:00:22.

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