We’re looking for content creators. Do you want to work for free? 


Are you a college student or budding journalist looking to break into the industry?

We’re looking for content creators to contribute to OC Native! More importantly, we’re looking for people who can tell a good story. Be through writing, video or photography.

To be completely straightforward, we cannot pay you. But you can gain experience and build a portfolio that might help you get your dream journalism job in the future. You also get to be a part of the OC Native squad!

What we’re looking for:
-Someone who loves the Orange County area and its culture. If you were raised in the area, that’s an added plus!
-Someone who has a positive attitude and is willing to take on any story with a good attitude.
-You don’t have to the best writer/videographer/photographer in the world. But we’re looking for someone who has a genuine interest in the journalism/media industry.

Interested? Send a copy of your resume to sup@, so we can good feel of your experience and qualifications!

Originally posted 2016-04-12 21:51:03.

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