Get ready…Moe’s Southwest Grill is opening in Orange County.

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The Orange County Business Journal reports that a Moe’s Southwest Grill franchise will open 13 restaurants in Orange County over the next few years.

The “Tex-Mex” chain opened its first location in 2000 in Atlanta. It now has about 600 restaurants. Moe’s opened its first three locations in California—one in San Diego and two in Sacramento—earlier this month. We still don’t know where the new OC locations will be. But here’s what you can expect from Moe’s when it opens its doors.

It’s a lot like Chipotle. But wait, there’s more!

The ordering process at Moe’s is a lot like Chipotle. You can customize your meal with over 20 different ingredients. But Moe’s offers ground beef, pulled pork, organic tofu and bacon as protein options, taking it up a notch over Chipotle in the variety category.

Note: Moe’s serves “Tex-Mex-style” food, which is a bit different from what we’re typically used to in SoCal.

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Some of the menu items have awesome names

Moe’s vegetarian burrito, the Art Vandelay, and its salad, the Close Talker, are named after characters from Seinfeld. That’s pretttayyy….pretttayyyyy….prettttttttayyyyyyy cool.

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Free chips and salsa with every order

Moe hooks it up. When you order anything off the menu, Moe’s gives you a free order of chips and salsa. Not down to grub on your free chips? Feel free to create some inspiring “chip art.”

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Moe’s has queso

Moe’s proudly serves a queso blanco sauce. You can have it on the side with some chips or smothered in your bowl or burrito. YAAAAS for melted cheese!

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So…how will this stand up in OC?

Moe’s coming into Orange County is a risky move. We are spoiled when it comes to the variety of excellent Mexican Food in OC. For sure, we will be in to try the queso.

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Will you try Moe’s when it’s in town?

Originally posted 2016-04-12 22:00:35.

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