These Orange County bakeries offer the normal treats, but with an added kick.

1. Aj’s Primal Eatery in Orange County


Aj’s is a catering business that doubles as a cake service, and some cakes they are! You can literally order the figure of a bikini babe as your birthday cake with this custom bakery. Don’t worry, they also specialize in more traditional cakes that are appropriate for younger audiences.

2. Blackmarket Bakery in Costa Mesa and Santa Ana


Located at ‘The Camp’ in Costa Mesa and in Downtown Santa Ana, this bakery got some love when it was featured by Travel Costa Mesa and Foodbeast. Seriously, look up their Whoopie Pie Dessert Slider!

They offer a variety of cookies, tarts and cakes, but it’s their sundaes that steal the show. Take the ‘Hipster’ sundae for example: a Classic Two-Tone Cookie with Peanut Butter, Bacon, Chocolate Ganache, and Vanilla Ice Cream. Yup, they use bacon in their desserts, and you just found your new favorite spot. You’re welcome.

3. Cinderella Cakes in Anaheim, Costa Mesa and Laguna Niguel


Cinderella Cakes can meet all of your wacky sweet-tooth needs with their three locations in Orange County. They’re pro at decorations, and their creations range from themed wedding cakes to ridiculous cupcakes. The bakers at Cinderella Cakes are really giving Cake Boss a run for his money! Just check out those puppy dog cupcakes and the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ cake they’ve designed!

4. Sweet Traders in Huntington Beach


If you want it, this place can create it— including beach scenes and Darth Vader made out of only cupcakes! They specialize in making themed cakes, such as a beer mugs and even a Lego guy shaped cake that you must admit is pretty awesome. These bakers have some serious talent that you really need to check out!

5. Sweet Art in Orange County


The owner of Sweet Art creates customized masterpieces to fit her clients desires, even if those desires may be a bit strange. She has a real gift for crafting memorable cakes and comes with high recommendations. Apparently, not only is she great at decorating cakes, but she’s also great at baking some seriously delicious treats!

Originally posted 2016-03-30 22:03:47.

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