U Jelly will be the latest concept from the team who brought you Afters Ice Cream. Here’s what you can expect. 

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The team behind Afters Ice Cream is launching a new dessert shop this weekend. U Jelly, a donuts and croissants cafe, will be opening at 8pm on Saturday, January 9. And this ain’t your daddy’s donut shop.

Andy Nguyen and Scott Nghiem, the founders of Afters Ice Cream, teamed up with Lysathuy Pham, the former owner of the now-closed Fusion Tea Bar in Fountain Valley. Nghiem told the Huntington Beach Independent, “We’re just trying to revolutionize what was old and tired in the past. You can tell by our design, aesthetics and products that we’re just trying to go for the gold here with a premium product, environment and a lifestyle that coincides with it.”

U Jelly will serve a unique selection of donuts, stuffed croissants and Asian-inspired drinks. Donuts, which will cost anywhere from $1.50 to $3 each, include flavors like Vietnamese coffee, taro and red velvet. U Jelly will also serve stuffed croissants, include flavor combinations like nacho cheese with ground beef, pizza and Flaming Hot Cheetos. Yeah, you heard right. A croissant stuffed with Flaming Hot Cheetos. WHAAAAAAT?!?! 

Here are some pics of what you can expect.

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U Jelly is located at 16051 Brookhurst St. in Fountain Valley. @ujellyujelly on Instagram.

Originally posted 2016-04-12 21:53:26.

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