Southern California is known for its crazy traffic and even crazier drivers.

1. The ‘I Must Turn Right On Red’ Driver

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For some strange reason, people feel the need to turn right on red, even when it’s not clear.

I get it, you’re allowed to do it and you feel pressure from drivers behind you. But what about that car you just narrowly avoided hitting?

It’s so strange, and absolutely terrifying, to see drivers turning right on red, as if the cars going 50 mph through the intersection don’t have the right of way.

2. The ‘I’m Afraid To Go The Speed Limit’ Driver

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Orange County has some serious speed limits in town, but that’s because everyone’s always in a hurry here.

If the sign says ’55,’ it’s for a reason. You’ll run into those drivers who don’t agree with the speed limits and insist on doing 35 mph or whatever speed they feel more comfortable driving. Of course, they probably don’t see the long line of impatient cars behind them.

3. The ‘Weave In And Out Of Traffic’ Driver

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These are the cars you see narrowly cutting people off just to get a couple car lengths ahead of where they originally were.

They dart in and out of traffic, and are never in one lane very long. Basically, these are some of the most stressed out drivers on the road. Why can’t they just calm down and accept the traffic like everyone else?

4. The ‘I’m The Only One On The Road’ Driver

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These are the drivers who don’t look before they change lanes, insist on making a last minute turn as you almost rear-end them and do such horrible parking jobs that nobody can park beside them in OC’s most crowded lots.

Talk about a scary experience driving next to one of these guys!

5. The ‘Speed Up And Slow Down’ Driver

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The drivers who think they’re going to get to their destination faster by speeding up to pass people, only to have to slow down because of traffic. You usually end up passing by these frustrated drivers as they attempt to plan out their next move.

This also applies to those drivers who realize they’re going 15 under the speed limit, so they speed up, only to fall right back into their routine. It’s a frustrating thing when you’re the one trying to go around them.

6. The ‘I Don’t Believe In Left Lanes Rules’ Driver

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These are the people who insist on driving in the left lane on the freeway, but are actually going slower than all of the right lanes.

They won’t move over and let you pass, so you end up passing in a right lane. Yet still, they don’t get the hint as numerous cars are going around them. It’s called courtesy, people!

7. The ‘I’m Swerving Because I’m On My Phone’ Driver

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True, drivers everywhere use their phones in the car, but it seems to be more of an issue here in Orange County.

As if those business calls or Snapchats are really more important than road safety. But hey, as long as you make your client or bae happy, then I guess it doesn’t matter who you run off the road.

What type of OC driver grinds your gears the most?

Originally posted 2016-04-04 12:57:07.

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