Because naps are dope. 

Image Credit: Nappify

Image Credit: Nappify

Nappify, a Garden Grove-based startup, allows you to take a power nap in one of its mobile sleeping pods. Nappify’s founder, 31-year-old Kevin Pham, studied nap culture in countries like Japan and Vietnam, where the idea of taking naps within a work shift is a common practice. Pham crowdfunded $100,000 from family and friends and launched his first sleeping pod trailer during finals week at Santa Ana College.

A Nappify trailer consists of a small lobby and four sleeping pods. The sleeping pods are soundproof and include amenities, like air conditioning, folding tables and reading lights.

A nap session costs around $13, or $7 for students. After each nap, beds are remade with clean-sheet covers and fresh pillowcases, to ensure cleanliness and freshness for guests.

You can learn more about Nappify here.

Image Credit: Nappify

[/media-credit] Image Credit: Nappify

Originally posted 2016-06-15 16:02:34.

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