Here’s what we know about the man, the myth, the legend: the UCI “Swagman”


There’s a shortlist of things that can make a UCI student’s day instantly better: grubbing on free food, acing the test you totally didn’t study for and seeing the infamous UCI “Swagman.”

Who is “Swagman” you ask? And why has he become a cultural phenomenon on the UC Irvine campus? Here’s what we know.

“Swagman” is known for walking around the UCI campus with a distinct “swag” to his step, flailing his arms.

Swagman wears the same outfit each time he’s spotted, which makes him an identifiable character in the UC Irvine community.

Swagman wears: a Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls jersey (in both red, white and black versions of the jersey),  a white undershirt, baggy khaki pants, a black Nike hat, sunglasses and black tennis shoes. He is usually wearing headphones and holding a Gatorade bottle, believed to be filled with water. It is because of the repetition of his outfit that made the UCI Swagman an identifiable character within the UCI community.


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No one has information on Swagman’s identity.

There are no facts on Swagman’s real identity or what affiliation he has with the UCI campus. Multiple attempts have been made to speak with Swagman. But he will usually deny speaking requests by ignoring you. It is said that if you yell out “Hey, Swagman!” he will flip you off.

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It is unclear when Swagman was first sighted at the university, but he’s been a presence since at least 2011

Swagman was mentioned in a New University article in 2011, meaning he became a cultural phenomenon sometime before that point.

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It is rumored he has some type of connection with UCI’s medical facility

Again, not confirmed. But some UCI students on Reddit have said that he is either a student or patient at the university’s medical school.

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Whoever you are, thank you Swagman.

Swagman has become a positive figure in the UCI community. Many students become excited and happy at the sight of him. He is believed to bring good luck to students who spot him, *allegedly*. It might just turn out to the best day ever, if you see Swagman.

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He’s uniquely a part of UCI’s campus culture. Some students have made shirts, celebrating the legend of Swagman.

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Zot on indeed, Swagman.

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