This article is all in good fun – unless you actually live in NorCal.

1. The weather

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Sure, some people might like Seasonal Affective Disorder. But for the rest of us, sunny SoCal beats the dreary clouds of NorCal any day.

2. Wear whatever you want


This one’s related to number one. I’ve walked down the street next to people in scarves and jackets while someone else was wearing shorts and Uggs. NorCal? You’ll never get out of your North Face jacket.

Wear whatever the hell you want in SoCal – that guy wearing a muscle tank in 63 degree weather certainly is.

3. Disneyland


The only location that makes sense for the “Happiest Place on Earth”: Southern California.

4. Rent

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Is rent expensive in SoCal? Yes. But the price of an apartment in the Bay Area blows us out of the water. If you want to rent out someone’s closet for $3,000 a month, go ahead and move to NorCal.

5. Mexican food

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Sure, San Francisco might have La Taqueria, arguably one of the best burrito joints in the United States. But that’s still no match to the amazing Mexican food you can get in SoCal.

6. We don’t say “hella”

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Just stop.

7. Our basketball teams


Sure, the Warriors may have won the NBA Championship last year, but their fans are bandwagoners. The Lakers have 16 NBA Championships. You can say that basketball is in our blood.

8. SoCal is the birth place of several awesome bands and musicians


From the classics, like Etta James or The Beach Boys, to more contemporary musicians like Kendrick Lamar: SoCal’s music scene is as diverse as the region itself.

9. The beaches


Look, there’s a reason Surf City USA is in SoCal and not NorCal. We have better beaches. Period.

10. Hollywood


Say what you want about the cult of celebrity, Hollywood is still the epicenter of America’s entertainment industry. You don’t move to NorCal to get discovered…unless you’re a tech startup. That’s a different story.

Originally posted 2016-04-12 21:57:40.

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