As a newly single lady, I’ve noticed a few unique things about Orange County’s dating scene. 

For better or worse, here are some serious truths about being single in OC.

1. The Gym May Be The Best Place To Meet Someone

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It’s Orange County — everyone works out, or at least it seems that way. Don’t be surprised if every date you go on starts with the same question:  “So, what gym do you go to?”

2. Everyone On Tinder Is Very Similar

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Apparently everyone’s hobbies include working out, some type of water sport and love of collared shirts. It’s cool, Orange County, diversity is a good thing.

3. Everyone Knows Everyone

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Who knew OC was so small? You know someone who is friends with or has dated every potential love interest you come across. So you know the inside deets.

4. It Matters What Part Of The OC Someone Is From

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Finding out someone lives in Anaheim when you live down in Dana Point can be a deal breaker. It turns out OC traffic does play quite a role in your dating life.

5. There Are Plenty Of Singles Ready To Mingle

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I don’t feel like I’m the only single fish in the OC sea. Plenty of people here are waiting longer before settling down, which is nice when you’re hitting the dating scene in your mid-20s.

6. Single Life In OC Isn’t Boring

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There’s actually a lot of things for singles can do in the OC area. From Meetups to beach hangouts and events, singles fit in the OC flow perfectly.

7. But It Could Be More Fun With A Partner

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There’s no denying the area is full of romantic things for couples to do together. Part of being single is admitting it would be nice to have a significant other for some OC adventures.

8. You Really Just Want A Disneyland Partner

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Who doesn’t want a date at the “Happiest Place On Earth?!” There’s nothing quite like watching the fireworks hand-in-hand with your love.

9. And Someone To Help Pay For Disneyland

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Disneyland isn’t cheap and those ears aren’t going to buy themselves! Plus, it’s way more cost effective to have someone to share that corn dog with that you couldn’t help to splurge on.

10. You Can Never Guess Someone’s Age

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People in OC never seem to age. Maybe it’s all the hiking and physical activities in OC that keep its residents looking youthful and vibrant. Either way, the mix of all ages makes the dating scene interesting.

What do you think about OC’s dating scene?

Originally posted 2016-04-12 21:58:09.

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