Ilness Infection is fighting Santa Ana’s gentrification with rhymes. 

illnesSource: Ilness Infection

Ilness Infection, an Orange County-based MC, dropped a track about the town he was born and bred in…Santa Ana.

“Santa Ana Savage” addresses many of the hot issues going on in Santa Ana today, including the gentrification of downtown, police brutality, violence and alleged political corruption within the city government.

He specifically calls out the Yost Theater as being “gentrified” for not accepting Matrícula Consular as an acceptable ID for entrance. For many Mexican nationals living in the U.S., a Matrícula Consular is their only form of ID. Now that’s whack

It also plays homage to the city’s culture, dropping references to MOS 2, El Toro, El Metate, La Pizza Loca and Lucky Guys. Take a listen below!



Originally posted 2016-04-12 21:59:40.

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