Living in “T-Town” meant Concerts in the Park, Roma D’Italia and “TMP.”

You always wanted to get married in this church

This tiny chapel in Old Town Tustin will always be the greatest thing ever.


You lived for the Foothill versus Tustin rivalry

The legendary crosstown rivalry between both high schools dates back to the ’60s and has stayed heated to this very day.


Oh…you went to Beckman?

No exciting high school legacy for you. 


You had at least one birthday party here

R.I.P. Tustin Lanes. You will be missed. 


Roma d’Italia and Rutvabegorz were your family’s go-to dinner spots

Back when low-carb diets weren’t a thing…


Your proudest accomplishment as a child: making The Tustin News

Your fifteen seconds of fame. And prime real estate on the family fridge.


You always wanted to walk inside of this

One of the coolest sights in Tustin. 


Friday and Saturday night? Time to hit up “TMP.”

When the weekend rolled around, you know where you’d be; at the Edwards Cinema on Jamboree.


You shook your booty off to some random cover band at Concerts in the Park

Wednesday nights during the summer, Peppertree Park was the place to be.


This was probably the first Mexican food spot you tried that wasn’t Taco Bell

Jalapeños: the OG Mexican food spot in Tustin. 


You always wanted to live in one of these houses

Old Town Tustin is home to some of the most beautiful, historic houses. 


You looked forward to one weekend the whole year…Tillers

You know you’re from Tustin if you have at least one fond memory from Tustin Tiller Days. 


Your address was in Santa Ana, but you identified 100 percent with Tustin

If you grew up in Lemon Heights, Cowan Heights or North Tustin, your know all about this. 


Rustin’ in Tustin

Too true. 


You wouldn’t have wanted to grow up anywhere else

Although there might have been some boring parts, growing up in Tustin was totally worth it.


Originally posted 2016-04-12 21:54:00.

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