You’re pretty sure there’s salsa de molcajete in your veins. 

You always spent Sundays at the park.

Whether it was Centennial Park in Santa Ana or Mile Square Park in Fountain Valley, Sundays were for straight chillin’ at the park. 

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This was your favorite vegetable.

There’s corn in there…somewhere. 

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Your Quinceañera was turnt.

Sure, it might have been at the salon de fiesta next to Taqueria De Anda. But your parents still made it dope!

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And you were probably a chambelan or dama for your friend’s Quinceañera as well.




And when the DJ played “La Vaca,” you would just crush it on the dance floor.



Your parents would read Excelsior or Rumores.

No way they would ever pay for a newspaper though. 

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Pizza Hut? Nah…it’s all about the Gigante from La Pizza Loca!

32 slices…and they would even throw in a free 2 liter bottle of Pepsi! 

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Sundays were for church.

And always prayed to God that you’d get the priest that gave the “quick mass.” 

OurLadyOfGuadalupeChurch_LaHabraSource: RCBO

And futbol.


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One word: Mariscos.

And maybe a sip of your dad’s Modelo. 

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Northgate Gonzalez was your family’s go-to grocery store.

And afterwards, your mom would always look at the receipt closely and say “Me cobraron mal.” 

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But really, it was all about El Toro.

The greatest carnitas and chicharrones in the world! 

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Your favorite spot as a kid: the 99 Cent Plus Store.

Dollar stores are the greatest things ever. 

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Your parents loved that store too…because calling cards.

The card would give them 5 hours to call home. And they used all 5 hours in one shot. 


You always ate at the best taquerias.

In fact, you’re pretty sure there’s salsa de molcajete in your veins. 

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And the toughest decision of your week was picking between Jamaica, Horchata, Tamarindo or Orange Bang.

Why must this world be so cruel?! 

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Your family members would make the drive to Tijuana to see a doctor or dentist.

And to smuggle in some tequila…

dentist_t640Source: KPBS

You would visit your parent’s hometown/ranchito each summer or winter.

You would always cry at first…

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Where you would proceed to meet the love of your life.

Love is a universal language. 

91Source: Novelas Radar

Until you had to come back to OC and your love life was ruined.


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