Because everyday is Taco Tuesday in Orange County

It’s not an easy task to come up with a shortlist of the best tacos in Orange County. Particularly because you can find a handful of decent taco joints in each OC town. We’re a taco mecca! And not just because faux-Mexican fast food giants Taco Bell and Del Taco call OC home. 

But I did the legwork in finding Orange County’s best tacos. I gained 25 pounds in the process. I did this all for you! Here are my top three picks for the best tacos in Orange County…

3. Carnitas Los Reyes


With such great prices, I don’t understand how this place is still in business. We’re starting to think it’s because of sheer volume. Housed in a tiny storefront in a strip mall in Orange, this spot is always jam packed. You’re most likely going to take your food to-go, because it is nearly impossible to find a table.

Why? Because Carnitas Los Reyes sells meat packed, double tortilla-wrapped tacos for just $1.50. Pick your poison: carnitas, carne asada, pollo, chorizo, buche, al pastor…

We recommend the namesake carnitas, with its tender, greasy goodness. It is topped with the usual, cilantro, onions and salsa. The al pastor and chorizo are definitely worth a try as well.

For most “normal” stomachs, two tacos will leave you stuffed. You also get complimentary chips and salsa. That’s a solid meal for $3 and change!

And you thought you couldn’t find a decent lunch for under $10, didn’t you Squidward?

Carnitas Los Reyes is at 273 S Tustin St in Orange. (714) 744-9337

2. Alebrije’s Grill


In the heart of Santa Ana, you’ll find Alebrije’s Grill, a pink taco truck outside of the Northgate Gonzalez Market on Main and Cubbon.

Sure, you can get a normal taco at Alebrije’s, which is sure to be great. But why not turn things up a notch? How about a giant corn tortilla, topped with milanesa, grilled cactus and onions, sliced avocado, rice and a dusting of cotija cheese? It’s called the “taco acorazado” and runs north of $6, as of press time. But it is sure to fill up your belly. 

While you’re waiting for your taco, take a stroll around the Northgate parking lot and stock up on pirated DVDs and discos norteno.

Alebrije’s Grill is a pink taco truck parked on Cubbon St and S Main St in Santa Ana, right in front of Northgate Gonzalez Market. (714) 655-3253

1. Soho Taco


You really have to hunt down Orange County’s best taco. You can only get a Soho Taco through a catering arrangement or the food truck. But it is well worth your time. Why?

Tacos on a handmade tortilla? Check. Delicious marinated, grilled-to-order proteins? Check. Incredible salsas? Check. Friendly service? Check check.

My personal favorites are the grilled chicken tacos. Absolutely delicious. Hey, how about we all pool together a few bucks to buy a Soho Taco taquiza? 

Visit to schedule catering or to find the food truck. 

Agree or disagree with my picks? Let me know what your favorite taco spots in OC are! Comment below!

Originally posted 2016-04-12 21:50:54.

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