You should take full advantage of these things if you ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having to leave OC. 

1. Free Fireworks At Disneyland

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Let’s face it, you go to Downtown Disney for the food, but stay for the fireworks. You can get the whole effect of Disneyland’s fireworks show without paying for a ticket if you plan your night right.

2. Mild Summers And Winters

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You may not even realize it, but Orange County summers and winters are nothing like the seasons of other areas. Even Northern California has endless, blazing heat during the summer that we don’t see here. Let’s not even get started on how moderate ‘winter’ is in OC.

3. Endless Career Possibilities

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As a recent college grad who moved to OC in the past year, I can honestly say there are so many jobs here! It’s amazing how diverse and how abundant the market is in Orange County as compared to other cities.

4. So Many Theme Parks

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Living in Orange County means you’re within minutes (maybe an hour) of “The Happiest Place on Earth!” Plus, you’re super close to other major theme parks, like Universal and Knott’s Berry Farm.

5. Free Entertainment

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There are so many options for free entertainment on weekends. Go hiking, the beach, walk around South Coast Plaza or Fashion Island, drive down the PCH…the list goes on!

6. Diverse And Delicious Foods

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You can find any type of restaurant in the beautiful Orange County. I’ve seriously had some of the best Mexican and Mediterranean dishes in my life here.

7. Live Shows

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Ever since I arrived in OC last May, I’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of live entertainment found here. I’ve attended a musical and a symphony, both within months of being in Orange County! It’s hard to find such a lively art scene in some cities.

8. Fresh Seafood

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Of course, being on the coast equates to some amazing seafood! Have you ever tried sushi in states like Idaho or Missouri? I have, and it’s not the best experience.

9. Living In A Well-Known County

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Just about everyone in the US has heard of Orange County thanks to a popular TV series. Plus, people who aren’t from here think it’s amazing that you are. Hello, bragging rights!

10. Friendly People

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Depending on where you move, not everyone is as friendly as they are in Orange County. People seem to be generally nice and respectable here, once again, depending on where you go!

What would you miss most about OC, if you left?

Originally posted 2016-04-12 22:00:28.

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