A Tustin man is stable after an e-cigarette exploded in his mouth. 

These days, vaping with e-cigaettes is hip. Plus, you get a nice fruity sensation while doing so. Dope! 

But it’s probably not the best idea.

26-year old Jesse Milk of Tustin spent the last week in the hospital recovering after an e-cigarette explosion caused serious damage to his mouth.

A small piece of the apparatus was embedded in his mouth and had to be surgically removed. Milk also suffered second-degree burns and was stunned to find a piece of the E-cig lodged in his tongue when he arrived at the hospital.

Luckily for Milk, three of his teeth, now shattered, slowed down the force of the E-cig part or he could have choked to death.

ICYMI, if you want to smoke in California, you now need to be 21 or older to purchase any tobacco or e-cigarette products. Probably a good idea.

Is vaping still cool?

Originally posted 2016-06-16 13:20:20.

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