“McDonald’s coffee is worth a lot, and he paid for it.”


ICYMI: The last two inmates who escaped from the Orange County Jail were arrested last Saturday.  Orange County Jail escapees Hossein Nayeri and Jonathan Tieu were in San Francisco when captured. The San Francisco Chronicle interviewed the man credited with helping police arrest the inmates.

55-year-old Matthew Hay-Chapman regularly went to a McDonald’s restaurant at the entrance of the Golden Gate Park on Haight and Stanyan in San Francisco. It was his obsession with current events, along with a keen eye, that led him to spot the fugitives.

He was on his way to McDonald’s when when he spotted a white 2008 GMC Savana van parked at the side of the Whole Foods Market on Haight that looked very similar to the escaped fugitive’s van he saw in the news.

Nayeri popped out of the van and was headed towards McDonald’s. Hay-Chapman followed him into the restaurant. Nayeri got in a line that was six people deep, while Hay-Chapman sat down at a table. Hay-Chapman kept an eye on Nayeri, who soon emerged from McDonald’s with a cup of coffee.

The rest is history. Hay-Chapman flagged down police and both escapees were arrested soon after. Hay-Chapman will be receiving an estimated $140,000 for providing information leading to the arrest of Nayeri and Tieu.

“I call it his last taste of freedom,” Hay-Chapman said. “McDonald’s coffee is worth a lot, and he paid for it.”

Someone buy this man a McDonald’s coffee! He truly deserves it!

Originally posted 2016-02-01 21:56:35.

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