I went to the Donald Trump rally in Costa Mesa…here’s what my experience was like (before things got wild). 

Note: I originally tried to cover the event as a member of the media. I tried to get media credentials to the event, but was denied. SAD! So I decided to go as a spectator and write about what my experience was like going into an Orange County Donald Trump rally. 

Also, I’m not a Donald Trump supporter. So there’s that…

3:44 PM:
As I walk towards the line, I’m starting to get a sense of the crowd. Lots of older White people. SHOCKER. No protestors to be seen…yet.

3:49 PM: Finally got to the front of the gate. To be honest, I think there’s more media peeps here than supporters. All the news reporters are roaming around looking to speak to as many Trump supporters as they can. Probably looking for that one person who will say something really stupid. Anyway…

3:55 PM: I’m standing in line waiting to get in…

Surprisingly enough, there’s a lot of millennials here!

And some protestors…I guess.

4:01 PM
: Talking about millennials, there’s a very upbeat 20-something in front of me who’s saluting every Veteran passing by.

4:03 PM: Some dude from ABC News is interviewing a bunch of high schoolers behind me.

“I’m not old enough to vote,” says one of them. “But I think it’d be interesting to see how these rallies are.”

Turns out they’re against Donald Trump and were later kicked out of the event for protesting inside.

4:10 PM: Everyone has a camera. Everyone from the news is trying to film/interview someone.

4:28 PM: Finally, some action! We posted a video on our Facebook page.

4:43 PM: There was a lengthy “Build that wall!” chant.

We’re not in Kansas anymore…this is a legit Donald Trump rally.

4:47 PM: Guy keeps chanting “HILARY FOR PRISON!”

4:50 PM: For as violent as Donald Trump rallies can get, the vibe is relatively chill. For now… 

4:55 PM: There’s TSA and Secret Service here…

5:01 PM: The signal here sucks…maybe Trump can make AT&T great again…

5:11 PM: TBH this feels more like a concert than a political rally. It’s 2 hours before the event is slated to start at the bowl is half way full. People are really excited.

I spoke to a Newport Beach woman who’s supporting Trump. She said she’s never been into politics, but Donald Trump really ignited her interest.

“I’m a small business owner and we don’t make any money. Yet they tax the crap out of us,” she said.

Another woman asked if I was a part of the media. She said she HATED the media. I kept quiet…#journalisticintegrity

5:17 PM: Sounds like they’re turning people away at the door. It’s looking like a packed house.

5:19 PM: The ratio of White people to minorities here is like 10 to 1.

5:27 PM: Some dude has a “Trump Kicks Rump” shirt. FUNNY GUY! 

5:30 PM: Lots of children in the crowd. Imagine being pulled out of school and dragged to a Donald Trump rally by your parents. UGH.

5:31 PM: I’m being told there is no alcohol being sold. Only water and soda. Lame! 

5:46 PM: Although the amount of White people outweighs every other ethnicity here, everyone’s out here reppin’ Trump.

6:00 PM: The mayor of Rancho Santa Margarita Tony Beall comes out to greet the crowd. WOO?!?!

Then there’s a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance.

“I’m glad I didn’t offend anyone here by saying Amen,” one person said.

6:18 PM: After the Beall speech, there was a pre-recorded message warning that protestors would be kicked out of the event because this is a private rally, funded by Trump.

“As much as Mr. Trump values the first amendment, if there’s a protestor that starts to interpupt, hold a Trump rally sign on top of your head and chant ‘Trump…Trump…Trump’ and they will be removed from the event.”

6:30 PM: I walked by the restrooms and there was a janitorial worker who happened to be Mexican.

He probably noted that I was Mexican because he gave me the “Why son? Why are you on their

Some guy is angry that there’s no alcohol for sale. Can you imagine this event with alcohol?!

6:45 PM: The anticipation is building. I’ve already heard “Tiny Dancer” by Elton John like three times by now.

7:00 PM: I’m offered a Trump sign and I agree. I thought it’d be a funny keepsake to bring back home. But I didn’t get to keep it for long. Quickly, some guy yells at me, asking where he can get a sign. I give him mine.

7:15 PM: I smell the cigarette smoke floating into the amphitheater. There’s a row of 10 people in a line chain-smoking.


Also, it’s 7:30 and there are some empty seats. SAD! 



Same typical Trump stuff. I’m curious to see what’s outside, so I make my way out.

7:50 PM: There’s some lady shouting at the guy at the gate. He didn’t let her come in. A lot of people are angry, standing outside.

Protestors, mostly young Mexican-Americans, are out in the sidewalk, blasting “Fuck Donald Trump.” It was great.

Originally posted 2016-04-28 15:05:59.

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