If you love gyros, you’re going to love DonerG’s doner kebabs

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I stumbled upon DonerG by accident one evening. I was in the Crossroads in Irvine, heading to my car from Target. It was dinner time and I was starving. I took a look at the Chipotle across the parking lot.

“Nah, too basic,” I told myself.  

I wanted to try something new.

That’s when I walked past DonerG and gazed at the spectacle of spinning blocks of meat, juice dripping down the spit.

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That’s a doner kebab, a Turkish rendition of the shawarma. It’s very similar to a gyro, but I personally think the quality and taste of the doner kebab is superior. DonerG is one of the few places in Southern California that serve this version of a global favorite.

I ordered the doner mix plate that day, a combination of DonerG’s beef and chicken doner kebabs, with rice pilaf, salad and pita bread. This plate is well worth your time.

To this day, I still make a weekly pilgrimage to DonerG. Ok ok, I went there three times this week.

I get the same plate each time. And it is consistently delicious.

The doner kebabs are juicy, tender and seasoned to perfection. The rice pilaf is fluffy and flavorful. The salad is fresh and zesty. The pita bread is toasted to the point where it’s almost crispy, but not burnt.

The x-factor here is something called “DonerG Sauce.” It’s basically a version of the Utah favorite “fry sauce”: ketchup and mayo meets Turkish spices. It’s incredible. I spread it on the meat and rice. It brings everything to life on the plate. I would easily choose this sauce over Halal Guys’ “White Sauce” any day.

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If that is not your cup of sauce, they also offer a jajik yogurt sauce to accompany.

And if you’re on a budget, they do offer a value meal with a doner kabob pita, salad or fries and a drink for $7.49. This is particularly groundbreaking because it’s a satisfying lunch in Irvine under $10 that is not a Subway sandwich. Yes, such a thing does exist.

Doner G has two locations in Orange County. 3800 Barranca Parkway in Irvine, (949) 861-2626. 2139 East Ball Road in Anaheim, (714) 956-0123. 

Originally posted 2016-04-12 21:51:00.

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