From taquerias to tartare, here are 10 restaurants that define Santa Ana’s dining scene. 

Fantastic Cafe

A ’50s-themed diner that serves up a mean breakfast. 

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Must-try: Fantastic Omelette, Steak and Eggs, Breakfast Burritos

1727 17th St. in Santa Ana, (714) 541-7997

El Gallo Giro

Santa Ana’s favorite spot for the late night munchies. OPEN 24 HOURS. 

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Must-try: Torta Cubana, Aquas Frescas

1442 S Bristol St. in Santa Ana, (714) 549-2011

Tan Cang Newport Seafood

The OG Chinese food spot. Come here to feast. 

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Must-try: House Special Lobster, Garlic Noodles

4411 W 1st St. in Santa Ana, (714) 531-5146

Taqueria Los Grandes

A hidden gem that has been delivering tasty tacos dorados for decades. 

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Must-try: Tacos Dorados, Menudo

1736 W 5th St. in Santa Ana, (714) 647-9862

Tortilleria Flor De Mexicali

Churning out some of the tastiest tortillas in town, Flor De Mexicali also has some bomb carnitas and chicharrones. 

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Must-try: Carnitas, Tortillas.

1212 S Bristol St. in Santa Ana, (714) 751-4132

Mariscos Hector

If you’re from Santa Ana, you know the best thing here ain’t the food. ?

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Must-try: Shrimp cocktail

Two locations: 1208 E McFadden Ave. and 1801 S Main St. in Santa Ana

Lucky Guys Burgers

An old school diner in the heart of Santa Ana. 

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Must-try: California Burger, anything from the breakfast menu

401 S Main St. in Santa Ana, (714) 543-1939

Alebrije’s Grill

The pink taco truck that Gustavo Arellano made famous. 

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Must-try: Taco Acorazado

Cubbon St. and S. Main St. in Santa Ana, (714) 235-2683


The restaurant that changed Downtown Santa Ana. 

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Must-try: Maple Glazed Pork Chop

220 E 4th St. #102 in Santa Ana, (714) 560-4444


The greatest teriyaki bowls. Ever. 

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Must-try: Chicken and beef combo plate. Be sure to load it up with Tapatio and teriyaki sauce!

Two locations: 221 S Grand Ave and 933 W 17th St in Santa Ana

What are some of your favorite Santa Ana spots to grab a bite?

Originally posted 2016-04-12 21:59:28.

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