Shout out to Aliso Viejo — we see you! Here are 10 restaurants that define Aliso Viejo’s dining scene. 

The Neighborhood Cup

A cafe conveniently located next to the Aliso Viejo library. 

neighborhood cupYelp

Must-try: Lavender Latte

1 Journey in Aliso Viejo, (929) 716-5100

Inka Mama’s

A family owned business serving up Peruvian classics. 

Inka Mama

Must-try: Arroz con pollo

26741 Aliso Creek Road in Aliso Viejo, (949) 360-6263

Bistro Anju

Arguably the best sushi you can find in South Orange County.


Must-try: Omakase selection (chef’s choice)

22912 Pacific Park Drive in Aliso Viejo, (949) 716-8882

Stadium Brewery

Acclaimed as the go-to local brewery spot in Aliso Viejo, Stadium Brewery carries an extensive craft beer selection making this spot ideal for chilling after work.


Must-try: Blueberry Beer

26731 Aliso Creek Road in Aliso Viejo, (949) 448-9611

Thai Bite

Thai Bite brings classic Thai dishes to South County residents in the Aliso Viejo Town Center.


Must-try: Crying Tiger

26921 Aliso Creek Road in Aliso Viejo, (949) 643-0627

Porky’s Pizza

Porky’s Pizza delivers fresh pizza and garlic knots for those Friday nights when you want to stay in, order pizza delivery, and watch a movie.


Must-try: Garlic knots

22912 Pacific Park Drive Ste C in Aliso Viejo, (949) 916-5000

Jimboy’s Tacos

A new favorite in Aliso Viejo, Jimboy’s sells tacos in a crispy, Parmesan-dusted stone ground corn tortilla.


Must-try: Ground beef tacos

27882 Aliso Creek Road. in Aliso Viejo, (949) 643-8226

Aliso Coffee and Donut

Every city needs a local donut shop that serves up fresh donuts and perhaps even breakfast burritos. For Aliso Viejo, it’s Aliso Coffee and Donut.


Must-try: Any donut flavor of your choice, breakfast burrito

27782 Aliso Creek Road in Aliso Viejo, (949) 362-0831

OC Wine Mart & Tasting Bar

Wine tasting and cheese plates? Yes, please!


Must-try: Wine tasting, cheese plates, or even the breakfast burrito!

23411 Aliso Viejo Pkwy Ste F. in Aliso Viejo, (949) 305-9463

Bagels & Brew

Bagels & Brew serves fresh bagels and great coffee. Essentials to the perfect morning.

Bagels & Brew

Must-try: Mission Viejo bagel

26601 Aliso Creek Road Ste D. in Aliso Viejo, (949) 521-6120

What are some of your favorite restaurants in Aliso Viejo?

Originally posted 2016-04-12 21:59:32.

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