It’s raining hard in OC. That never really happens. Here’s what to do and not to do when it rains in OC. 

Do: Go to Disneyland

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Sure, you might possibly catch pneumonia. Or miss out on some of the rides because of a chemical spill.

But this might be your most enjoyable Disneyland experience to date, because there’s a good chance no one’s around.

And Disneyland just started offering discounted park hopper tickets once again to SoCal residents. Two days for $149. Whaaaaa…??

Don’t: Drive your Lamborghini Gallardo around town

I know. Technically, this isn’t OC because this video was shot in San Diego. But I have a good feeling someone in OC has one sitting in their garage. (Because money.) Do yourself a favor and keep it at home.

200k Lamborghini Gallardo passes through flooded street in San Diego. 30 second tense. (I take no credit for this video).
When you are going through difficult times, remember: you may have lost some major battles, but you survived and you’re still here.
That is a victory. Show your happiness and celebrate your ability to go forward.

Posted by Tim Tsosie on Thursday, January 7, 2016


Do: Take advantage of delivery services

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If you’re bundled up at home, but are looking to indulge yourself in some Tender Greens, you have options. Food delivery services Postmates and DoorDash operate in most of Orange County. No need to go out and brave the rain to get your grub on. Not all heroes wear capes. Shout out to all the delivery guys and gals of the world for braving this weather. You da real MVPs.

P.S. Use my Postmates code if you’re looking for free delivery: 5vqc. You get some delivery credit, I get some too. 

Don’t: Drive like a jackass

Drive slower. Don’t brake too sudden. Turn on your wipers. Turn on your headlights. And most importantly, don’t be a jackass on the road. This was an actual lesson my driving instructor taught me. Shout out to you, Steve! 

The reality is most people in SoCal don’t know how to drive in the rain…because it never really happens in our neck of the woods. Here’s a good informational video on how to drive in the rain in SoCal.

How to drive in the rainTurn on your headlights!

It’s pouring outside. Here’s a how-to for Southern Californians confused about driving in the rain.

Posted by Los Angeles Times on Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Don’t: Actually, try not to drive anywhere

Seriously. Check out this video shot in Santa Ana near Bristol and Warner. Stay safe if you’re out driving.

So…it’s raining in Santa Ana.This was near Bristol and Warner in Santa Ana today. Drive safe, guys!
(Video by Instagram user: saularmonda)

Posted by OC Native on Wednesday, January 6, 2016


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