Because we know about your secret Del Taco obsession. 

image002Image Credit: Del Taco

I remember when I was younger, my family would stop by Del Taco every Tuesday for its Tuesday Taco Night deal. There, you could get three tacos for an insanely low price. I believe it was 3 for 79 cents?! 

Anyway, to be completely honest, my parents offered to buy them for us only as a cheap source of nourishment. The tacos sucked. The shells were always stale. The beef was probably not beef. And most of the taco was really just wilted lettuce.

But now, the Lake Forest-based chain is stepping up its game with The Del Taco, a new signature crunchy taco.

The new taco has double the amount of the freshly hand grated cheddar cheese compared to its regular taco. The taco, which sells for $1.39, also features a bigger, corn shell, loaded with more seasoned beef, lettuce and tomatoes. You can also get it with turkey but like…who would want that?

Originally posted 2016-06-24 00:11:33.

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