Your mom was right: go outside and get some sun.

Orange County is sunny most of the year, but that doesn’t mean we don’t notice when the sun sets way too early and we’re sitting in the dark at 5 P.M.

While we might be losing an hour of sleep on March 15th, we’re also gaining more sunlight. Isn’t that what living in California is all about? If you’re at a loss, here’s what to do with all that shine.

If You’re in Lake Forest

Hike the Red Rock Canyon trail at Whiting Ranch – the trail is way easier when it isn’t all muddy or dark.

Red Rock Canyon credit meSource: Ashley Burnett

If You’re in Newport Beach

Head to the Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve and learn what the heck a salt marsh is.

Newport Bay Upper Preserve IG credit westerlind_usSource: @westerlind_us / Instagram

If You’re in Huntington Beach

Grab a burrito at Secret Spot and eat it by the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve while enjoying the view.

Huntington Beach Credit huntington_beach IGSource: @huntington_beach / Instagram

If You’re in Irvine

Grab your friends and bike or hike Bommer Canyon.

Bommer Canyon IG credit rthurosinghSource: @rthurosingh / Instagram

If You’re in Laguna Beach

Check out the tide pools at Crystal Cove.

Crystal Cove IG credit ermahgerdsermerSource: @ermahgerdsermer / Instagram

If You’re in Santa Ana

Plan a picnic at Carl Thornton Park (and watch out for hungry ducks).

Carl Thornton IG credit alexskye18Source: @alexskye18 / Instagram

If You’re in Fullerton

Plan a date at the Fullerton Arboretum.

Fullerton credit fullarboretum IGSource: @fullarboretum / Instagram

If You’re in Laguna Niguel

Hike the “Car Wreck” trail at Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park, because it’s way less creepy in the sunlight.

Aliso Woods credit hilaryg1bbsSource: @hilaryg1bbs / Instagram

If You’re in Dana Point

Make like a tourist and go dolphin and whale watching.

Dana Point IG credit ocean_instituteSource: @ocean_institute / Instagram

If You’re in San Juan Capistrano

Hike the Bell Canyon trail in Casper’s Wilderness Park.

Bell Canyon Instagram carpedeeyumSource: @carpedeeyum / Instagram

What do you plan on doing with your extra hour of sunlight?

Originally posted 2016-04-12 21:59:59.

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