Find out what ketchup, snakes and dirty diapers all have in common.

1. Santa Ana Zoo Tarzan, August 2015

Tarzan Santa AnaSource: Google/ & Santa Ana PD

Meet John William Rodenborn, the then 37-year-old who literally went ape sh** at the Santa Ana Zoo last year. One August morning, Rodenborn was high on methamphetamine at the time he climbed into the zoo’s bird exhibit claiming to be Tarzan. A known transient, Rodenborn made his way some 20 feet up a tree as zoo patrons watched in horror and intrigue — at least I’m assuming they did.

Cops were called and he was hauled to jail. Coincidentally, he was arrested just days prior to this zoo incident for suspicion of being under the influence of narcotics. Since his tree swinging days, this “Tarzan” has been charged with numerous accounts of burglary and theft, which he faced years in prison.

2. Dirty Diaper Dumper, December 2011

Diapers-Medicaid-WasteSource: Google

This is a crime as gross as it is weird. Tom Kawai, then 68, was arrested on a misdemeanor count of unlawful waste disposal after he was found tossing bags full of used adult-diapers on Pacific Coast Highway. The months-long case spanned Orange County cities, from Newport Beach to Laguna Beach, where numerous dirty diapers were being discovered by residents.

3. Santa Ana Snake Hoarder, January 2014

01071e69e97294210c5b76d6417e2effSource: Pinterest

Mariners Elementary School teacher Bill Buchman was found to have over 400 snakes, both dead and alive, in his rodent-infested home. Police arrested the then 53-year-old for felony cruelty to animals after neighbors reported foul smells coming from his Santa Ana home.

Buchman had started breeding ball pythons after his mother’s death in 2011, but business took a downturn. Police said his home was filled with rodents, rat feces, trash, and snakes suffering from mouth rot, malnourishment and respiratory problems. This all attributed to the odor that kept neighbors from going outside, and is what eventually led them to file police reports.

4. Naked Man Of Anaheim, March 2015

You have to see this crazy crime to believe it. Garrett Smith, 21, was caught on video running head first into the back window of a parked mini-van in an Anaheim apartment complex last year.

But that’s not all. The young man continued his bizarre behavior by throwing himself on the windshield of a moving car before being thrown to the ground. He was naked, covered in blood and sweat, and was intoxicated, according to police.

Smith was charged with vandalism, being under the influence and resisting arrest after police caught up to him one mile from where this insane crime occurred.

5. The Case Of The Ketchup Thief, September 2008

bef0fde4-651d-4143-9ffa-88bc5c7c3747Source: Google

Former Orange Unified School District trustee and overall crazy man Steve Rocco was charged with petty theft and fined after he was caught stealing a bottle of Heinz ketchup from Chapman University’s cafeteria. He was caught by campus security officers as he concealed the bottle and attempted to ride off on a bike. This little ketchup crime cost him a hefty $250 fine. So not worth it, Rocco.

6. ‘Duck Dynasty’ Bank Robber, September 2015

UnknownSource: Orange County Sheriff

A Wells Fargo bank in Mission Viejo had an interesting start to its morning one September day. A teller was greeted by 58-year-old Raymond Edward Feiner holding up a robbery note, while wearing a beard that resulted in him resembling cast members from the A&E program ‘Duck Dynasty.’ His note ended with the phrase “I mean it!” but since then, Fiener’s botched robbery has only landed him on crazy crimes lists, such as this one. He was charged with attempted robbery and booked on $50,000 bail.

7. MMA fighter Jason Miller’s Police Battle, October 2015

la-me-ln-mma-fighter-mayhem-miller-gets-court--001Source: Orange County Sheriff

Jason “Mayhem” Miller sure lived up to his name one evening in October last year as he was confronted by Orange County officers. Neighbors reported hearing screams coming from Miller’s home, and as deputies entered his yard, Miller went ballistic. He threw ceramic tile at the officers and threatened them with a fire extinguisher and metal pole before being tasered. Miller was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon on peace officers.

This bizarre incident was the second time Miller was arrested on charges of assaulting an officer after a March 2015 scuffle. He was recently arrested again for suspicion of vandalizing a Lake Forest tattoo parlor in January 2016.

8. Movie Theater Prank Gone Wrong, August 2015

la-moviegoer-expected-shooting-to-start-at-any-moment-as-patrons-fled-newport-beach-theater-20150810Source: LA Times/ KTLA

Colin Hunter Davis, 18, probably thought he was being funny when he pulled a prank at a Newport Beach movie theater last year. The young man helped friends enter through an emergency exit door as they revved a leaf blower, sending moviegoers into a panic after recent shootings in other theaters were making headlines.

As you can see, police showed up expecting the worst as patrons rushed to exit the crowded theater fearing for their lives. Davis was charged with “three misdemeanor counts of participating in a rout and unlawful assembly, disturbing the peace and trespassing to injure property,” according to the LA Times.

9. Orange County Jail Break, January 2016

escaped-inmatesSource: Orange County Sheriff

The story that started off the new year is truly a wild one. Three inmates broke out of the Santa Ana maximum security correctional facility. They were captured eight days later after kidnapping a taxi driver at gunpoint, visiting salons to alter their appearances and stealing vehicles to aid in their escape. They were caught after being recognized in a San Francisco Whole Foods parking lot.

What are some of your favorite crazy crimes that have happened in OC?

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