The video has gone viral, with over 875,000 views on YouTube. 


Fairview Park in Costa Mesa is a popular flying spot for drone enthusiasts. But in a new video that has gone viral on YouTube, a woman is trying to steal a man’s drone in the park before lying to police in claiming that it nearly killed her.

The woman picked up a crash landed drone and tucked it under her shirt as she walked away.

When the owner identified the location of the drone, the woman went on a tirade about how the drone nearly struck her, how it is illegal to fly them in the park and how she had grounds to sue them. The woman said she was going to hold on to the drone to report the danger of flying drones at the park.

However, while the woman complained that the drone nearly struck her, the video footage shows that the drone crash was of considerably distance away from the woman.

The owner of the drone, identified as Alex by PINAC News, said he could have filed charges against her, but decided against it.

You can watch the video above.

Originally posted 2016-06-14 14:47:00.

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