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1. Go easy on the free samples

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When you’re low on cash and looking for a decent lunch, your first thought is to probably raid the free sample tables at Costco.

But some people take it too far. I’ve witnessed impatient people trample over the elderly and the disabled for a dinosaur-shaped chicken nugget. I’ve also seen people take a handful of samples when they have a line of 10 waiting behind them. Greediness at its finest.

c1Who else remembers these?

You are not entitled to free food at Costco. Treat it as a privilege, not a right.

Take it down a notch, folks. Always allow the elderly and disabled get their first pick at the sample table. Wait patiently in line. If there’s a line behind you, take one sample and come back when the line dies down. Treat people with respect and your free sample experience will improve dramatically.

2. Don’t act as the “Costco Police”

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Sure, people can get aggressive at the free sample tables. But it’s equally annoying to deal with someone who thinks they can lay down the law at Costco. Not only is it nosy, but can be potentially dangerous.

Last September, a 78-year-old man bled for several minutes and became dizzy after being punched in the face at Costco for confronting a man about taking too many Nutella waffle samples.

While I have sympathy for the victim, this situation could have been avoided.

Even if you witness a criminal activity in the store, notify a Costco employee first. Costco is amazing, but it’s not worth risking your life for.

3. Don’t expect “high-end” customer service from employees

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I’m not saying that Costco employees don’t provide quality customer service. The staff I’ve ever dealt with at Costco are professional and courteous. I’m just saying Costco isn’t Nordstrom.

Don’t expect a personal shopping guide during your trips to the warehouse. I’ve seen many times where customers become frustrated because an employee doesn’t have robust product knowledge.

Most Costco employees are cross-trained in multiple departments. One day, you’ll see someone helping you at the food court. The next day, they’ll be auditing receipts at the exit. Efficiency is key, not high-end customer service.

Costco operates very much on a self-serve, discovery model. Walk through the aisles, buy the items you need and find the items you want. Remember, Costco doesn’t really want to make shopping convenient, it just wants you to buy more stuff.

4. Getting Costco Gasoline? Be quick.

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Costco Gasoline is a blessing and a curse. A blessing because, “Who doesn’t love great gas prices?” A curse because the lines are long.

It gets worse when people are incompetent at filling up their own tanks or aren’t familiar with Costco’s Gasoline system.

Yes, Costco Gasoline only takes credit or debit cards. No, the attendant does not take cash. Yes, you really do need your membership card to fill up. No car squeegees, because you shouldn’t be wiping down your car when there’s 15 cars behind you in line trying to get gas. Be considerate.

5. Don’t feel entitled to special privileges.

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Sure, Costco may feel like an exclusive club because you have to pay to get in.

But did you know Costco has around 64 million card-carrying members in the country? This translates to 26 percent of all American adults. You don’t feel so special after all, huh?

Memberships are just a part of Costco’s business model. If you’re being difficult to deal with at the warehouse, Costco reserves the right to revoke a membership at any time. Even if you cancelled your membership, it wouldn’t make a dent in Costco’s membership counts.

TL;DR: Don’t be a douche at Costco. Period.

Originally posted 2016-04-12 21:55:09.

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