Before you hit up In-N-Out, give these burgers a chance. 

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Hamburgers are absolutely one of my favorite foods. I love them so much that I do myself a favor of not eating them every week, because of the possibility of spoiling my appetite for them.

This means that each time I go out for one, the experience has to be glorious.

The beef has to be fresh and of good quality. The cook on the patty has to develop a crust. The cheese must be perfectly melted on top. The bun has hold the messiness of the ingredients. If there are fries on the side, they need to be hot, salty and crispy.

Oh, and if it has bacon, it has to be the top-notch stuff.

It seems like every week there’s a new burger restaurant opening in Orange County. I’ve tried most of these new establishments out. None have impressed me as much as Matty G’s Steakburgers in Fullerton.

I love how Matty G’s cooks their beef patties utilizing the “smash technique,” which makes the burger juicer and creates a perfect crust on the patty. This results in a thinner patty than your average Six Dollar Burger, but unless you’re ordering off the kid’s menu, all of Matty G’s burgers come with at least two patties.

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The menu at the restaurant is extensive, with over 13 specialty burgers. I tried the Hail Mary ($11.00), which comes with two patties, applewood-smoked bacon, barbecue sauce, American cheese, fried onions and pickles. The quality of the bacon here is incredible, but more impressive is the bun, which did not fall victim to the rather messy mix of beef and barbecue sauce.

The Triple Crown ($11.00) stole the show. This one has two patties, a fried egg, applewood-smoked bacon and a special sauce. There was a simple harmony within the buns to this burger, which was fantastic.

They also throw in a free side of french fries with every burger. But if you’re willing to shell out a little more cash, you can upgrade to garlic fries, onion rings, fried pickles, cheese fries, sweet potato fries or baked beans. I decided to give the garlic fries a try.

The garlic fries were hot and crispy, although I envision a ton of real, chopped garlic on the top of my fries. These fries simply had a garlic-flavored powder. Eating garlic fries at a baseball stadium will spoil you for life. 

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I can easily say that Matty G’s is one of the best new burger joints in Orange County. Oh, did I tell you they also have a full bar, with a ton of craft beer on tap? It is Downtown Fullerton after all.

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Matty G’s Steakburgers is at 136 W. Commonwealth Avenue in Fullerton. (714) 519-3517

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