32-year-old Newport Beach resident Benjamin Golden was caught on video last October allegedly attacking Uber driver Edward Caban. The video went viral and Golden was fired from his job as a marketing manager for Taco Bell.

Now, Golden is suing Caban for $5 million, saying the driver illegally recorded the violent incident.

CNBC obtained a copy of the suit and reports that Golden claims to have “suffered severe emotional distress, humiliation, anxiety, fear, pain and suffering,” along with the loss of his job. He also wants video of the beating barred as evidence in the criminal trial.

Golden, who “admitted that his life was falling apart and it was his own doing,” allegedly attacked the driver when Caban pulled over and told Golden to leave the vehicle because he was “too drunk” to provide directions to his destination. Golden was charged with misdemeanor assault and battery for the alleged attacks, to which he pleaded “not guilty.” He is due back in court on Feb. 24.

Caban, who said he sleeps with a shotgun by his bed after the attacks, sued Golden for $25,000 in damages in November. Caban’s lawyer Rivers Morrell III told CNBC on Friday that Golden’s claims about the recording’s legal status and his blaming of Caban are “disingenuous” and “totally bogus.”

Guess finding a job after being outed as a violent, irresponsible drunk isn’t easy. Right, Ben? 


Originally posted 2016-04-12 21:53:50.

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