These adorable animals are looking for a new home. Will it be yours? 

You’ve heard the saying “adopt, don’t shop” and probably didn’t think much of it, until now.  I have nothing against buying your new friend from a breeder, but I think bringing awareness to shelter animals is important.

Here are a few friendly faces awaiting you at the OC Animal Care in Santa Ana, the OC Humane Society in Huntington Beach and the Orange County SPCA.

1. Tank

RetrieveImage.aspSource: OC Animal Care

Meet Tank, a 3-year-old neutered male Chihuahua at OC Animal Care. As you can see, he’s black, tan and adorable! He looks pretty sweet, but keep in mind Chihuahuas can get a bit defensive at times. He’s one little guy you should go meet and greet in your spare time!

2. Ellie


Ellie is currently in the care of Coastal German Shepard Rescue of Southern California, and is super smart, according to the organization. She’s a pure-bred that is good with kids. Contact the group to learn more about Ellie!

3. Ariel


This grey fur ball is 4-years-old and comes with some seriously striking eyes! She’s a domestic shorthair mix that’s in need of some good lovin’. She’s waiting for you at the OC Humane Society in Huntington Beach.

4. Noodles


Mr. Noodles is a 4-year-old Pomeranian who was rescued with a broken paw. He is currently staying with the Southern California Pomeranian Rescue in Irvine and is healing nicely. This little guy is ready to become a part of a family and continue his recovery surrounded by love!

5. Cleopatra

c0b497d5-be02-43a6-9f9f-cc5847a7b8a6Source: OC Humane Society

Miss Cleopatra is a beautiful 4-year-old Retriever, Labrador and Pitbull mix. You know she is ready for some adventures and an active lifestyle! The shelter says she is sweet, loving, energetic and best as an only pet. This smart girl has been up for adoption since December 2014 at the Huntington Beach Humane Society.

6. Tiggy and Bear

kittens2-300x200Source: OC SPCA

These two babies were rescued from the streets of Orange County at just 2-weeks-old. They were bottle-fed and are now the most cuddly kittens ever, according to the OC SPCA. They’re practically inseparable, so the SPCA is looking for a home willing to take both babies.

7. Annie

annieSource: OC SPCA

Annie looks to be a Pitbull mix, but is small for her breed. She weighs about 40 pounds and only stands about knee-high. The shelter says she gets along great with other dogs and is well-behaved in general. For more information on Annie, contact

8. Shayla

RetrieveImage-2.aspSource: OC Animal Care

This orange and white kitty is named Shayla. She’s an adorable, domestic shorthair tabby cat hanging out at the OC Animal Shelter, until the right person comes along. She’s only 2-years-old, so you’re guaranteed many feisty and playful years!

9. Bunny

RetrieveImage-5.aspSource: OC Animal Care

No, I did not make that name up! This soft and cuddly girl is a Lop-French mix and loves to pose for cute photos. She’s 3-years-old and ready to join a family!

10. Bruiser

RetrieveImage-1.aspSource: OC Animal Care

Don’t let his name fool you! Pitbulls can be some of the most loving dogs you’ll ever own. This gray and white neutered male is 2-years-old, and is looking for a new home while he stays at the OC Animal Care shelter. Granted, this breed isn’t for everyone, so I suggest setting a playdate to meet your future best friend!

11. Turtle

RetrieveImage-4.aspSource: OC Animal Care

Turtles need love, too! This 1-year-old green turtle is laying low at OC Animal Care until someone comes to carry him off to his new home! He’s obviously the perfect size for aquarium life and would make a fun addition to any family.

Which pet is your favorite?

Originally posted 2016-03-21 22:33:06.

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