OC Natives that made it big

Many celebrities call Orange County home, but only few were born and bred in the OC. Here are some of the most prominent figures in sports, music and entertainment to hail from Orange County.

5. Tito Ortiz


In case the nickname “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” didn’t give it away, Tito Ortiz was born and raised in Huntington Beach. Shocking, I know. The former UFC light-heavyweight champion still calls HB home and trains with Team Punishment, which is headquartered in his hometown. If you are eager to meet the champ, pick up some gloves and hit the gym!

4. Michelle Pfeiffer


Before Halle Berry destroyed the character of Catwoman, Michelle Pfeiffer was chewing scenery as the feline antihero in Tim Burton’s “Batman Returns. Pfeiffer was born in Santa Ana and attended Fountain Valley High School. She eventually moved onto Golden West College in Huntington Beach. Pfeiffer no longer calls Santa Ana home, but who could blame her?   


3. Will Ferrell


Everybody’s favorite “man child” was born in Irvine, lived in Park West Apartments on Culver and Michelson and attended University High School. I think it’s interesting that one of the funniest and most ridiculous minds in Hollywood grew up in the dullest city in the country, but I’m happy he did. Unlike Pfeiffer, Ferrell still returns to the OC from time to time, so keep an eye out for him.


2. Tiger Woods


One of the greatest athletes of our time, Tiger Woods, was actually born in Cypress and attended Western High School in Anaheim. But once he graduated high school, got accepted into Stanford and became a gold superstar, he never returned to his hometown because California’s state tax is too high. It’s sad to see such a prominent figure that came from the OC leave and never comeback. Tiger Woods’ golf career is likely coming to an end, so let’s hope he comes back to his hometown soon!


1. Gwen Stefani


Gwen Stefani is one of the most popular musical artists in the world. And she was born and bred in Fullerton! She graduated from Cal State Fullerton and became famous with her Orange County-based band No Doubt. You know the story from there… Stefani is easily the most popular musician to come out the OC.

Originally posted 2016-04-12 21:50:46.

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