Work hard and play hard at these cool offices.

If you work at one of the following five companies, you might just find yourself sliding to the second floor or skateboarding to your co-worker’s desk. Orange County companies are embracing fun, modern offices with tons of super-cool amenities in lieu of boring gray cubicles. Read on to see five of the coolest offices in OC (and get your resume ready).


IG user stancesocksSource: @stancesocks / Instagram

What other company has a basketball court, ping pong tables and lets you skate during work hours? Stance, which is the official sock provider of the NBA, has all three and more. Employees are treated to healthy, gourmet breakfasts and lunches and can also workout at the company’s on-site gym.  


IG user houzzlifeocSource: @houzzlifeoc / Instagram

If you hate stairs, you’ll love Houzz. Their office has a slide that can take you from the second floor to the first floor. Not only that, but Houzz also boasts slick, modern furniture you’ll want to take home and a totally Instagram-worthy dining area. 

Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard HQ IG user cwsm87Source: @cwsm87 / Instagram

The coolest thing about the Blizzard campus is the Blizzard Library, which is stocked full of video games, books and movies. The company also has a basketball court and volleyball court, as well as a museum dedicated to Blizzard history and a gym.

Fox Head

IG user foxheadincSource: @foxheadinc / Instagram

Need a break? If you work at Fox Head, you can head to the company’s library and get inspired by their collection of books on everything from motorcross to business management as you sink into their leather couch. Or, if reading isn’t your thing, you can take a free yoga class outside.



IG user posh_scene QuiksilverSource: @posh_scene / Instagram

Quiksilver HQ has two retail shops that employees can hit up, a mini-skate park, Thirsty Thursdays in the office’s cafe, a full gym and a basketball court. It’s also decked out in beautiful artwork. The time to update your LinkedIn is now.

Originally posted 2016-03-20 14:19:27.

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