Orange is all about pizza, Mexican food and sports.

1. People think you’re from “The Circle”


Despite what people might think, there’s a whole lot more to Orange than the Orange Circle, as most of us know it, The Plaza. Yet, that’s the response most of us get when we say we’re from Orange. “Oh you’re from Orange? You must just love walking around the circle.” Just smile and breathe heavily folks.

2. You’ve been to the Orange International Street Fair…several times.


If there’s one thing you can bet on, it’s that every Orange-ian has been to the International Street Fair at least once in their life. For most of us, it’s an annual occasion. Who could resist the delicious taste of a warm Greek gyro, or a Japanese hand roll? And don’t even get us started on the Danish Æbleskivers. Food, drinks, music, and culture are all at the center of attention each year, and we look forward to it every Labor Day weekend.

3. You’re familiar with these little guys


It seems like no matter what part of Orange you live in, you’re bound to catch a glimpse of these beauties. That’s right; I’m talking about the bright green flock of parrots that migrate across the city every single day. Sure, we’re not the only city with these wild Amazonian winged friends, but we’re all too familiar with their loud squawks. Still beats the crows and seagulls though!

4. You’ve sat through at least one sporting or high school event at Fred Kelly Stadium.


When several of the city’s high schools share the use of a single football field, odds are most of us have attended a game or two at Fred Kelly. And even if you managed to avoid sports, there are still graduation ceremonies to consider.

5. You went out for fast food on Tustin Street at least twice a week.


Don’t be ashamed…we’re all guilty of indulging in a little fast food every now and then. But when one of the city’s busiest streets also is lined with nearly every fast food chain known to man…it’s safe to assume this was your frequent pit stop. Orange has several busy avenues and streets, but Tustin is where you’ll have the most chains to choose from.

6. You remember when Eisenhower Park used to have a zoo.


Maybe if you were born after 2000, you might not be old enough to remember, but the rest of us are all too familiar with the animals at Eisenhower Park. It wasn’t much to look at, and needless to say, probably a good thing that the animals are no longer there. But you could see deer, coyotes, and other local critters any time you wanted. Those days are long gone, but we locals remember.

7. You probably went to Bobby D’s for your Mexican food fix.


While there are a number of Mexican establishments in Orange, none carry quite the reputation as Bobby D’s. It’s a local legend. Most people who have heard of it, love it. And those who haven’t, well, someone they know will take them eventually. It’s a family-owned Mexican food joint that serves affordable, high-quality food. On a minimum day from school or a busy weekend night, this was the best place to grab a few tacos or enchiladas. And it still is.

8. Either you or one of your family members played baseball for the Olive Little League.


Unless you just aren’t a baseball fan, it’s pretty hard to avoid this one. Any of us who played little league baseball know that the most common destination was Olive Little League. If you were from Orange and didn’t end up playing at Olive, you probably went to another city. For us locals, OLL was where we got to see our friends after school, hang out on the baseball diamond and dream of being future Angels.

9. You probably had your share of pizza from Zito’s.


Here’s another local legend and one who most of us have enjoyed throughout the years: Zito’s New York Style Pizza. With more than a few conveniently placed locations throughout the city, most of us probably had a pizza party or ordered out from Zito’s at least once in our lives. You can’t beat Zito’s’ quality and their commitment to the community either.

10. You remember when it was just called, “The Orange Mall.”


Odds are you probably still don’t call it “The Village.” This ain’t no M. Night Shyamalan flick. This is our old stomping grounds. Yep, until they tried to renovate this old piece of shopping turf, it was simply called “The Orange Mall.” You could see a cheap movie, grab a root beer float at A&W, and play games at the arcade. Too bad times change.

11. You remember when it was just called, “The Block.”


Noticing a trend? Orange locals have experienced our share of name changes throughout the years. Before it was called “The Outlets of Orange”, we simply knew it as “The Block.” Sure, not much has changed, unless you count a bunch of other name changes and out-of-business sales, but we still want to call it “The Block.”

12. You loved being close to Angel Stadium, Honda Center, and Disneyland, but not too close.


In this case, Anaheim is not the goal. As any Orange resident will tell you, we’re a convenient 10 minute drive away from the big shows, but just far enough to not notice the traffic, fireworks, and whatever other mayhem gets brewed up over there on that side of the river. We like it that way.

13. You spent several hours studying in the Orange Public Library.


While there may be a few small branches scattered throughout the city, nothing beats the Orange Public Library if you want to knock out a book report or school project. Heck, if you’re a bookworm it’s just fun to hang out there. The fact is most of us have had to make a run to the library once or twice, whether for work or pleasure.

14. You’ve had to explain the difference between the City of Orange, and Orange County.


For some reason this is a hard one for non-locals to understand. We come from the City of Orange, which is a city in the County of Orange. So when we say we are from Orange…we aren’t just saying we’re from Orange County. This seems to be a common question for most of us, and quite frankly, isn’t that hard to wrap your noggin around.

15. You love being from Orange.


Here’s a pretty easy one to wrap up the list. Safe to say, there really isn’t much to be disappointed in when it comes to Orange. We have a great mix of culture, some awesome historical hangouts, and are in close proximity to most of the big spots in Orange County. You really can’t get much better than this.

Originally posted 2016-04-12 21:55:46.

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