Mesa is all about the burgers, South Coast Plaza and the OC Fair. 

1. In middle school, you used to spend all of your free time at Metro Pointe

Thank God for Jamba Juice and Edwards Cinemas.

Metro Pointe Instagram _kris_johnson_

2. You looked forward to the OC Fair all year . . .

Funnel cakes, deep-fried snickers and petting zoos!

OC Fair Instagram oc_fair

3. . . . But knew to park at Tewinkle

No way you’re gonna pay for parking.

Gif Tewinkle Credit Gifsoup

4. Other malls seem sub-par next to South Coast Plaza

You mean your mall doesn’t have a Louis Vuitton store?

South Coast Plaza credit Instagram

5. Your picture was in The Daily Pilot

Why? Who knows – but your mom still has a copy.

Daily Pilot Credit Bustle

6. Your first concert was at The Observatory

And you feel #blessed when it comes to those ticket prices.

Observatory Credit observatoryoc Instagram

7. When you’re not eating at In-N-Out, you’re grabbing a TK Burger

Burgers: the cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast.

TK Burgers Credit tk_burgers Instagram

8. The Estancia and Costa Mesa High School rivalry has been etched into your brain

Battle of the Bell!

Estancia Credit jnuman85_visuals Instagram

9. Getting to see Disneyland fireworks for free was a perk

Harbor is a perfect viewing spot.

Disneyland Credit lisoulehibou_ Instagram

10. You remember when Starbucks used to be Diedrich Coffee . . .

The good old days. . .

Diedrich Credit diedrichroasters Instagram

11. . . . And when Arsenio’s used to be a Taco Bell

R.I.P. Doritos Locos Taco

Taco Bell Credit giphy

12. Han’s will always be your ice cream of choice

Nutella ice cream, vanilla wafer ice cream. . . only at Han’s.

Hans Homemade credit hanshomemade Instagram

13. You went to the movies on Tuesdays or Wednesdays for discounted tickets

Thanks, Triangle Square!

Triangle Square credit organicviolet Instagram

14. Walking around Fairview Park was your preferred exercise

And you know how to get in when it’s officially “closed.”

Fairview Park credit gilliangonzales Instagram

15. More than half of your friends applied to UC Irvine

Zot, zot!

UCI Credit ucirvine Instagram

Originally posted 2016-04-12 21:54:51.

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