Growing up in Irvine meant dollar movies, giant slides and Wild Rivers. 

1. You went to $1 movies at Woodbridge Theater.

And it’s next to that cool lake. Artificial of course, because you’re in Irvine.


2. You remember Jump Rope For Heart Day being a thing in elementary school.

Basically recess for 6 hours.


3. You remember when half of what is Irvine today was just farmland.

Woodbury? What’s that?


4. You were all about the Deerfield and Greentree rivalry.

If you went to Deerfield or Greentree Elementary, you had it out for the opposite school.


5. You were exposed to a variety of cultures growing up.

Growing up, you had Asian, White, Hispanic and Middle Eastern kids in your class. And you always looked forward to the Global Village Festival!

IGV 2015

6. Your life changed when Diamond Jamboree opened.

Sticki Picki and Lollicup for life!


7. You became accustomed to living in America’s Safest City.

Walking late at night? No problem, you’re in Irvine.


8. You remember the Heritage Park slide.

The most epic slide in Irvine. Sadly, they took it down a few years ago. Tears were shed.

Big Slide

9. You were well aware that Irvine Police had nothing to do.

Going 26 in a 25MPH zone? Slow down buddy, Irvine cops are no joke. Even Irvine native Will Ferrell received a bike ticket from Irvine PD growing up.


10. All the houses in your neighborhood looked exactly the same.

Whether you lived in Woodbridge, Northwood or Westpark, your house was painted a lovely beige with brown.


11. Palace Park (Now known as Boomers!) was your go-to hang out spot.

Batting cages, arcade games, mini golf, bumper boats and go-karts. What more do you need in life?


12. You remember the “old” Irvine Spectrum.

Remember when there was nothing at the Spectrum, except for the movie theater and GameWorks? So do we, so do we.


13. You remember Lion Country Safari.

This one’s for the older Irvine natives. In case you didn’t know, Irvine used to have a drive-thru wild animal park. In fact, a 2-ton hippo achieved a measure of fame in 1978 when she managed three escapes from Lion Country Safari. Not America’s safest city after all, huh?


14. Wild Rivers was your childhood

Your fondest memory as a child was hanging out at Wild Rivers all summer. Who could forget The Patriot, Bombay Blasters or The Liquidator?

But if you’re a true Irvine native, your first job as a teenager was at the water park. The best first job EVER.


15. You loved growing up in Irvine

Sure, to many, Irvine is a boring suburban town. But to you, it’ll always hold fond memories of growing up.


Originally posted 2016-04-12 21:55:56.

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