Growing up in Fullerton meant little league, InCahoots and burritos.

1. This was your favorite spot to eat as a kid.

Trains and pasta? A child’s paradise.


2. Taco Bell? Nah…it’s all about Pepe’s!

Have you seen the size of those California Burritos?

o-8Source: Yelp

3. You discovered your first boba at Bobaya and Bobaloca.

The start to your #BOBALIFE.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 11.12.22 PMSource: Yelp

4. You probably worked at Disneyland

And your parents probably did. And your friends did as well…

10signsyougrewupneardisneyland.4Photo credit:

5. Or somewhere at the Brea Mall

Gotta love the mall employee food court discount!

cov_112515Source: Covington Yorba Linda

6. You knew that Fullerton DMV was one of the hardest places to pass your license test.

Thank God for Laguna Hills!

o-9Source: Yelp

7. You had at least one birthday at Ralph Clark Regional Park.

Gotta love that pond.

Clark-Regional-Park-lakeSource: Go Explore Nature

8. You’ve been waiting to turn 21, so you can finally go to DTF.

Downtown Fullerton is where it’s at!

superbowlheroesSource: ActiveRain

9. You played for Golden Hill Little League.

Where your dreams of playing for the Angels one day were developed…

2012.07.25_16.30.06_558237_4362849753072_251194448_n[1]Source: The Fullertonian

10. You would cruise down all the way down on Beach Blvd. to get to Huntington Beach.

Mainly because you didn’t want to drive on the freeway.

beach_blvd_street_sign_by_fayriebliss-d362fweSource: Deviant Art

11. Your mom tried to convince to enroll in Troy Tech.

You probably wouldn’t have made the cut anyway.

img_8520Source: RealGeeks.Media

12. You bowled your first game at Carter Lanes.

Good times…

o-10Source: Yelp

13. Your go-to hang out spot? InCahoots.

Break out your boots.

incahootsSource: King of Happy Hour

14. CSUF, all the way.

Go Titans!

fullerton-basketball-championsSource: Bring Back Titan Football

15. You loved growing up in Fullerton.

You wouldn’t have wanted to go grow up anywhere else.

740Fullerton-california-2Source: Fullerton ACT

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