Here are some awesome facts about OC that you might not know about! 

1. La Palma And Cypress Used To Be Named Dairyland And Dairy City

The cities were first named after the industries that dominated the area. Dairyland became La Palma in 1965, and Dairy City became Cypress in 1957. In fact, Cypress was the third largest dairy district in the United States!

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2. Jon Lovitz Majored In Theater At UC Irvine

Actor and funny man Jon Lovitz majored in drama at UC Irvine from 1975 to 1979. Did you ever see him perform at Irvine Improv?

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3. The Irvine Spectrum And El Toro Y Is Known As One Of Busiest Freeway Junctions In World

This popular intersection is one of the widest and most congested in the world thanks to Southern California’s booming population.

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4. Bommer Canyon Area Declared CA’s First Natural Landmark

This open space preserve inside Irvine Ranch is part of California’s first declared natural Landmark. It’s a 40,000-acre space right smack dab in one of the busiest and most populated areas of the state!

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5. There Are More Dolphins Off Laguna Beach Coast Than Florida, Hawaii and Caribbean Combined

This is one of my favorite facts about OC, and it’s straight from the city of Laguna Beach website, so you know it’s for reals!

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6. Will Ferrell Was Raised In Irvine

Yes, we can be proud of the great Will Ferrell originating right here in OC! He attended Rancho San Joaquin Middle School, then he attended University High before becoming the actor we all love today.

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7. Skimboarding Originated In Laguna Beach

According to the city’s homepage, lifeguards in the 1920s would use pieces of wood to skimboard. Talk about living the beach life!

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8. Newport Beach Was Once Home To A Buffalo Ranch

There was a 115-acre buffalo ranch located in Newport Beach in 1955. They were shipped into California in 1954 from Kansas, and tourists would visit to get a glimpse of the herd. It closed just five years later after the land became too valuable for such an attraction.

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9. The Hangover 3 Giraffe Scene Was Shot In Irvine Near UC Irvine

It was the first time a film crew shut down a freeway in Orange County, namely the 73 in Irvine. The director wanted something similar to the 405, but we all know shutting down the 405 would be a disaster.

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10. Irvine Is Home To Taco Bell’s And In-N-Out Burgers’ Headquarters

In case you weren’t aware or don’t drive past these buildings on a daily basis, Orange County is home to the headquarters of these two fast-food giants. Hopefully this means the quality of these two establishments is a bit better here than other cities!

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