If you grew up anywhere near Disneyland, you’ve likely experienced one or more of the following signs.

As natives to the land of Mickey Mouse, we can’t help but embrace the fact that Disney is a part of our lives. Here are the 10 signs you grew up near Disneyland.

You’re Not Fazed By Explosions After 8:00PM


Odds are you’ve heard your fair share of fireworks come 8:00 or 9:00 o’clock at night. As we sit in our homes, most of us can hear the faint, thundering sounds of fireworks in the Orange County sky.

The booming explosions would be enough to send any Midwesterner running for cover. Not for us though. This is a nightly occurrence. We might pause our TVs to investigate and maybe say, “Oh, the fireworks are starting,” but most of the time we just shrug it off. If you’re a true native, you might not hear them at all.

You’ve Owned an Annual Pass at Least Once


If you grew up in Orange County, you’ve probably owned a Disneyland annual pass at least once in your lifetime. As a local, it’s the best way to experience the park time and time again. A short drive away, you can visit the park any time you like without feeling the stress of trying to fit in every single ride into one day.

Props to all those SoCal Select passholders out there!

You Own 15 or More Pieces of Disney Merch


Whether you asked for it or not, you probably own more than a few Disney shirts, stuffed animals, toys, magnets, hats, pins, or whatever else is concocted in those Disney factories.

Even if you aren’t the world’s biggest Disney fan, it’s a safe bet you still have at least a couple pieces of merchandise lying around your home. You can’t escape it.

You Have 2 or More Friends Who Work at the Park


When a single company employs nearly 50,000 of your neighbors, odds are pretty likely that a few of them will end up in your circle of friends and family. As an Orange County resident, if you haven’t worked at Disneyland yourself, someone you know probably has.

Odds are also pretty likely that you’ve asked said friend to sign you into the park on more than one occasion. The perks of being a local!

You’ve Never Waited More Than 1 Hour for a Ride


As a local, you’ve probably never bothered with the crazy long lines at Disneyland.

Why would you? If you you have a pass, you can visit the park almost any time you want. So you know that there will be plenty of opportunities to check out that ride later. Let the out-of-towners stand in that 2 hour line, they might not be back any time soon.

You Know Where All of the Roller Coaster Cameras Are Located


If you’ve never posed for a photo on a Disneyland ride, you haven’t lived.

Sure, if it’s your first time going on a ride, you might be having too much fun to bother with in-ride cameras. But for people hailing from OC, we’re pros. There’s nothing funnier to us than making a funny face or setting up funny scenarios for the cameras to catch as we make our plunge on Splash Mountain, or make that final turn on California Screamin.’

This isn’t our first rodeo, it’s just what we do.

Downtown Disney is Your Hangout Place


Even if you aren’t visiting the parks, it’s still difficult to resist at least coming to Downtown Disney for shopping, dinner or a movie.

Let’s face it, Disney knows what it’s doing when it comes to entertainment. The nice part about Downtown Disney is that it’s free for us locals to come and crash the party, so to speak. Disney even throws in a few hours of free parking.

Whether you come to see shows at the House of Blues or you take your little ones to the Lego Store, this is one of Orange County’s best hangout spots.

To Friends and Family From Out of Town, You’re an Honorary Tour Guide


Let’s face it, just because we live near the Disneyland Resort doesn’t automatically make us experts when it comes to the parks.

But to friends and family who visit from out of town, we instantly become honorary Disney Cast Members and are expected to know the ins-and-outs of everything Disney. If they want a legit tour, tell Uncle Bob and Aunt Lyla to hire their own tour guide next time they’re in town. We just live here.

You Remember the Good Old Days


Walt Disney once said that “Disneyland will never be complete.” It’s an ever-changing land of fun and as any local will tell you, we’ve seen it change and update several times throughout in our lives.

Ask any local and they will have a handful of Disney attractions or rides that they wish were still at the park. But we also know that everything at Disneyland is finite. When your grandma from out of town visits and wants to see “Honey, I Shrunk the Audience,” she might be a little upset to find out it hasn’t been there for almost 10 years.

You really love Disney


You can’t really live near Disneyland and not love Disney. Even if you’re a local who tries to deny it, I’m sure you’ve had at least one magical moment at a Disney theme park. We are certainly lucky to live so close to the “Happiest Place on Earth.”

Originally posted 2016-04-12 21:54:06.

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