Here’s our guide to Disney’s 10 best food treats you haven’t tried yet.

You still can’t deny that Disneyland knows what they’re doing when it comes to great food. We’ve all had the popcorn, churros, turkey legs, and pretzels, but what about the more adventurous eaters? When exploring the culinary aspects of Disneyland, most guests don’t realize that there are far more options available than the main staples.

1. Cheddar Garlic Bagel Twists at Maurice’s Treats


Not only are these delicious treats lower on the price scale, but they’re probably one of the most deliciously fresh and savory bites that the resort has to offer. Located in the Fantasy Faire near the castle, these delectable snacks have been at the park for just a few years now. They’re a great option to share!

2. Beef Gyro Platter at Paradise Garden Grill

10disneyfoods2Source: Disney Tourist Blog

This one is over at California Adventure’s Paradise Pier. Head over to the restaurants to the left of Goofy’s Flight School, and you’ll find this delicious Greek treat. Yes, while Disneyland covers a fair amount of ethnic eateries, California Adventure fills in the gaps and then some. Come hungry, because this platter will fill you up!

3. Lobster Roll at Harbour Galley

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Most guests would expect to find lobster in one of Disneyland’s higher-end food establishments, but if you make your way along the Rivers of America, you’ll find one of the most delicious lobster rolls for a reasonable price. Located right across from The Haunted Mansion, Harbour Galley recently added the lobster roll to their menu a few years ago, and have been selling the delicious savory sandwiches ever since. It’s the perfect blend of east coast and Cajun seafood flair!

4. Peanut Butter and Jelly Soda at Carnation Café

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Almost every pass holder has graced the tables of Carnation Café at least once in their life, but the next time you stroll down Main Street for a bite at this classic eatery, ask your server for the peanut butter and jelly soda. While it might not be for the pickiest foodies, this one is a different, yet familiar and delicious treat that can be enjoyed all year round. It’s definitely worth a try.

5. Chorizo and Eggs Cone at Cozy Cone Motel

10disneyfoods5Source: Mickey News

Sure, you can get your share of breakfast at the park, but here’s one that you probably haven’t tried yet. The Cozy Cone Motel in Cars Land sells their signature cone-shaped foods throughout the day, but if you swing by in the morning, ask for their chorizo and eggs cone. A convenient and delicious breakfast on-the-go, you’ll get your breakfast fix and still be able to hop in line for Radiator Springs Racers while you finish eating.

6. Bacon Wrapped Asparagus at Bengal Barbeque

10disneyfoods6Source: KelseyBang

Cruise through Adventure Land and pick up this slightly healthy, slightly unhealthy snack. The Bengal Barbeque is a longtime favorite of pass holders, famous for their skewers and kabobs, but what some guests don’t realize is they offer a delicious bacon-wrapped asparagus skewer as well. It’s the perfect summer snack, but is served year round. Definitely pick one up next time you pass up Indiana Jones!

7. The Pastry Menace at Galactic Grill

GALACTIC GRILL (ANAHEIM, Calif.) – Opening Nov. 16, 2015, at Disneyland Park, the Galactic Grill will feature special Star Wars-themed menu items as part of Season of the Force in Tomorrowland. This new themed experience celebrates iconic characters and moments from the Star Wars saga with special entertainment, themed food offerings and more. Guests will also be thrilled to explore   Hyperspace Mountain, a reimagining of the classic Space Mountain attraction. (Disney Parks)Source: Disney Parks

If you’re in the mood for an éclair but want to avoid the traditional style, try the Pastry Menace over at Tomorrowland’s Galactic Grill. It’s a spicy yet sweet take on the classic French pastry, and definitely worth a few dollars. Even Darth Maul’s mouth would be watering.

8. Boysen-Apple Freeze at Maurice’s Treats

10disneyfoods8Source: OC Mom Blog

Take another trip back to Maurice’s Treats in the Fantasy Faire, this time to quench your thirst. Ask for their Boysen-Apple Freeze, a sweet but refreshing take on a slushy. They take frozen apple cider, drizzle some boysenberry syrup, and top it all off with passionfruit foam. No doubt, a princess (or prince) would love to drink one of these throughout the park.

9. Portobello Mushroom Philly at Award Wieners

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Don’t worry vegetarians, we haven’t forgotten you. Whether you’re on your way to the Tower of Terror or the Animation Workshop, make a pit stop over at Award Wieners in the Hollywood Backlot area of California Adventure. There, when you make your way through all of the hotdog items, you’ll see a delicious and savory Portobello mushroom Philly sandwich that will be sure to leave you full and satisfied. Even meat eaters have to admit, it sounds pretty darn tasty.

10. Monte Cristo at Café Orleans/The Blue Bayou


Perhaps one of the most cherished yet less popular foods at Disneyland is found right in the heart of New Orleans Square. There you’ll find the scrumptious, decadent, and rich Monte Cristo sandwich. Located in the Café Orleans or the Blue Bayou, this deep fried sandwich is filled with ham, turkey, Swiss cheese, topped with a generous amount of powdered sugar, and served with berry dipping sauce on the side. It doesn’t sound like a combination that would work well together, but oh boy does it ever. This one is definitely worth sharing, unless of course you’ve worked up a pretty huge appetite, but either way it should definitely be on your list.

Sure, who doesn’t love a good box of fresh popcorn or a steamy chimichanga? But if you’re eve in the mood for something a little more “out of the ordinary”, give one of these a try next time. What are some of your favorite Disneyland treats? Think we missed one that should be mentioned? Let us know below, and send your suggestions!

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