You hear so many positive and negative things about life in OC, but really, what’s so bad about it?

As someone who moved to Irvine in the past year, I absolutely love my life in Orange County! I see all of the things people complain about as actually being good things. Let me explain.

1. The Proximity to Los Angeles

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It’s great to be able to drive into the city for a day and then retreat back to the safe haven that is Orange County. Think about it, you get to frolic in one of America’s most famous cities without having to deal with the negative drawbacks that come with living in LA. *Cough always terrible traffic and parking situations cough* 

2. Cleanliness of City Streets and Parks

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Orange County streets, parks and public places are clean. Go spend a day in Los Angeles or Hollywood, and you’ll be begging to come back to your neat little city that you call boring.

3. Diverse and Delicious Cuisine

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It’s true, Orange County is full of delicious hidden gems just waiting for you to discover them. From Vietnamese and Mexican food to Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine, OC has it all.

4. Disneyland, Disneyland, Disneyland!

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Locals don’t even know how good they have it. Most American families have to plan and save for a Disneyland trip as you’re casually strolling into the Blue Bayou for dinner after work on a Tuesday night.

5. Local Beaches During Off-Tourist Season

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It’s a beautiful 80-degree day in February and no tourists are in town, so what do you do? Go to the beach, of course! There will be parking and plenty of sand to lay claim to, and how can you not appreciate that?!

6. Ridiculous Amount of Beautiful Hiking Trails

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You may not even realize how many hiking trails there are around Orange County. The best part is how well maintained and accessible they are. Let’s not even get started on the gorgeous views they offer!

7. Variety of Plants in Bloom All Year Long

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You should stop and smell the flowers once in awhile. Seriously, they’re in bloom all year long in OC. You have the tropical Birds of Paradise that actually flower here, and then there’s the many varieties of succulents and Bougainvillea that seem to pop out of nowhere like a beautiful surprise.

8. Upscale Shopping Centers

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It may seem like the population of Orange County is obsessed with shopping, but at least you get to reap the benefits! It’s so nice to be able to browse higher-end retailers without traveling out of town, even if you don’t plan on buying anything. And who’s really complaining about having access to Fashion Island or South Coast Plaza?!

9. The Freeway System

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You complain about the rush-hour traffic without realizing how great the freeways are around here. Think about it, the infrastructure supports who-knows-how-many commuters each day without the world ending, and that’s more than we can say about other cities.

Plus, you can easily hop on the freeway to get from one end of town to the next within minutes, and not all cities are lucky enough to have that option.

10. Cookie-Cutter Buildings

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Yeah, I said it. Unless you’ve lived in a city where half the buildings are outdated or abandoned, you won’t really appreciate the shiny new cookie-cutter style Orange County has going for it. You may think everything looks the same, but at least it looks nice and inviting.

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Originally posted 2016-04-12 21:57:21.

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